What is the One Thing Holding You Back

It’s hard to believe, I know, but none of those things are what’s holding you back. Most of the time, ALL of those things are only excuses.

No, the number one thing holding us back from our goals and dreams is something every single one of us faces, and that every single one of us — no matter how many other advantages we may have — must overcome. It’s FEAR.

But we can choose a different way.

We can choose courage. It doesn’t mean we aren’t ever scared. It means we might be afraid but decide to take action despite our fear.

Busting Your Fears

Learning to push past your comfort zone and recognize your fears will bring new meaning to your life. Here are a few tools and techniques to help you identify which fears are valid, put the irrational aside, and then move forward with your life.

1 | Visualize Your Intended Outcome

Maybe you’re scared of failing or some other possibly negative outcome. The key is to stop focusing on the negative and visualize how to achieve your goal. Instead of being scared of failure, get excited about success. Your brain will automatically and systematically pursue whatever you get it to focus on. This is how constant negative thoughts often lead to negative results. Redirect your brain to push past your fear for success and achievement by focusing on the results you want.

2 | What’s the Worst that can Happen?

Ask yourself this simple question. What is the worst possible result of whatever is scaring you? Be brutally honest. If you’re petrified with the fear of failing your driving test, the worst possible outcome is for you to fail. No big deal. You go back another day and keep trying until you succeed. Imagining the worst-case scenario often bursts your fear bubble and empowers your ability to try.

3 | Write it Down

You can really take the steam out of your fears if you write them down. Irrational fears don’t look very powerful on a piece of paper. Doing this regularly, and then writing down related positive thoughts and experiences may help you realize your fears are unfounded, and not very powerful after all.

4 | Practice Gratitude

If negative thoughts are bringing you down, take a deep breath and clear your mind. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths in and then out. Then identify an area in your life where you are truly blessed and appreciative. No matter what your thoughts are focusing on, reminding yourself you have amazing friends, a wonderful family, or a fantastic vacation planned soon can help bust your fears. Gratitude thoughts are a reminder of good things in your life, and they tell those pesky fears you are capable of more good — there is nothing to fear.


Simple fears and concerns are natural. It’s normal to feel like we will fall flat on our face. It becomes a problem when we allow it to hold us back — to keep us from even trying. What’s the worst that could happen?

What fear are you going to conquer today?

Tandem biker, lemon lover, and wisdom searcher. You can find more of Lori’s writing at https://www.lorijackson.online/

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