How to Crush Your Self-Doubt and Limiting Beliefs

Trace the Roots of Self-Doubt

Before you can do anything about it, you need to find out what’s causing your self-doubt. Is it fear? Is it not having enough knowledge? Is it a lack of self-confidence? Spend a little time thinking about why exactly you feel that you can’t do this. Try retracing the source of your doubt. It may stem from an abusive childhood, an unsupportive spouse, or a toxic friendship.

Stop Comparing

Don’t compare your life to someone else’s. Not only does it create jealousy and steal our joy, but it also leaves you feeling inferior only decreases your confidence.

Remember Your Path Isn’t Set in Stone

While life doesn’t have an edit button, you do have the ability to change it when you want. If you don’t like the path you’re on, you’re allowed to press edit.

Silence Your Inner Critic

Another tough part of self-doubt is our inner critic. This inner voice can be helpful in how it helps us choose our words a bit more carefully and be cautious in making big decisions. But your inner critic can also smother creativity and fuel all kinds of self-doubt. If you’re giving too much free reign to your inner critic, it might be time to put a muzzle on that voice of self-doubt.

Keep a Journal

This is one of my favorite tools to overcome self-doubt. Keeping a journal helps you recognize your accomplishments, and fuels your sense of confidence and purpose. Even writing about the difficult and trying experiences in your life can have a positive effect. Writing about your self-doubt and how you’ve pushed through can be a powerful cure.

Learn Gratitude

We can search for gratitude in every single event in life. Even the worst things can be turned into a lesson to help over the next hurdle. People who have overcome some of the hardest trials — death, crime, illness — all have one thing in common: it’s their ability to see the positive and be grateful.

Celebrate Your Wins

People with low self-confidence often struggle with acknowledging their accomplishments. Instead of simply letting your wins pass you by, celebrate them. I love to use my Creating Positive Habits Journal to recognize my daily wins.


Work consistently to boost your self-confidence and crush feelings of self-doubt. It’s important to remember this is not a one and done type of mentality. While your confidence will grow, there will always be new challenges to tackle and overcome. Whenever you feel yourself slipping back into self-doubt, focus on a confidence-building activity. Consistency will help create new pathways in your brain allowing you to act instead of reacting to doubts.

In the comments below, share three recent wins. Something you’ve done well and are proud of.

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