5 Steps to Understand God’s Love and Inspire Change

1 | Trusting God

I’m reminded of a story about a little girl and a pearl necklace. She wanted a pearl necklace more than anything. She had her eye on a dollar-store string of pearls. By completing simple chores and saving her birthday money, she finally had enough to make the much-desired purchase.

2 | Letting Go to Grow

Sometimes Heavenly Father is just waiting for us to let go of our cherished dime-store prize, what we think we want and need, for something greater than we can imagine. We hold on to bad habits, selfish pleasures, and unhealthy relationships because we become so attached and it seems unbearable to let them go.

3 | Practice Gratitude

Gratitude is an expression of Love. Have you ever noticed how good it feels when you recognize how much someone loves you? They might express their love by doing, saying, or giving something nice. Or maybe it’s a big hug or gentle embrace that helps you feel loved.

4 | Serve Someone

Focusing less on ourselves, reaching out to others, and widening our circle of concern are the best ways to create more healing and connect with our inner-self. We’ve known about the power of connection and empathy for a long time, and science has confirmed that putting empathy and compassion into action is the foundation of our wellbeing and the path to our better selves.

  • We don’t always see opportunities to serve, and so they are easy to miss.
  • Service is seldom convenient.
  • Most often, service happens when we are on our way to do something else.
  • Service will eventually come back around.

5 | Step Back and Pay Attention to Your Feelings

We are bombarded daily by messages that affect the way we feel about ourselves. Think about the way your brain is interpreting the signals from social media, entertainment, and the news. Do they send you warm fuzzies or do they lead you to doubt your worth?

Understanding God’s Love

Someone once asked me: “Why do I have to do what God wants me to do to be able to feel his love?” My initial reaction was, “God does love you! He always loves you!” But that didn’t provide an answer. There was truth to the point my friend was trying to make. It is harder to feel God’s love when I am making decisions based on what I want rather than following what He knows is best for me. The blaring question is, why doesn’t God give us what we ask for if he loves us so much?

More about Love

Tandem biker, lemon lover, and wisdom searcher. You can find more of Lori’s writing at https://www.lorijackson.online/

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